Business Intelli provides the full range of solutions to empower your business operations and you earn top-down and bottom-up visbility to pinpoint the inefficiencies and capabilities to transform them into competitive advantage. These services provide full custom functionality to optimize your business operations and resources. Here at Business Intelli we provide the best SAP services to exceed your business expectations.

Business Intelli SAP services include:

Business Solutions and Applications

  • mySAP Business Suite
  • mySAP Customer Relationship Management
  • mySAP ERP
  • mySAP Product Lifecycle Management
  • mySAP Supply Chain Management
  • mySAP Supplier Relationship Management
  • Mendocino
  • SAP Analytics
  • SAP Manufacturing
  • SAP Service and Asset Management
  • SAP Solutions for Mobile Business
  • SAP xApps
  • Solution Extensions
  • With our SAP Services, you benefit from the following tools, technologies, and methodologies:

  • SAP Business Maps and Engagement Tools provide a robust platform for effective knowledge transfer.
  • SAP Service Marketplace is a comprehensive online platform providing one-stop access and guided navigation to SAP and partner services.
  • SAP Best Practices provide fully documented and reusable prototypes that you can quickly turn into productive solutions.

What We Do

Business Intelli Solutions provides a complete Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solution right from the concept, design, development, and deployment to ongoing support and enhancements.

  • Undertaking a feasibility study
  • Defining the business requirements
  • Defining the technical architecture for the warehouse
  • Selecting the hardware platform, software and tools
  • Designing the data warehouse enterprise data model
  • Integrating the business intelligence analytical tools
  • Developing an integrated business intelligence solution
  • Training the business users and document the application
  • Implementing the solution
  • Managing the entire business intelligence project
  • Providing post-implementation support

Our Products

We have a simple yet comprehensive process which ensures that you get exactly what you want.

  • Customer Profitability
  • Product Profitability
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Financial Reporting
  • Business, Products, and Channel Performance
  • CRM Analytics

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